From our friends at CNA Carbonear campus: New partner SpacesShared for student housing

From our friends at CNA Carbonear campus:

Hey CNA family and friends! We’ve got some fantastic news to share that’s going to make finding the perfect spot to call home a whole lot easier for our hardworking students!

 Meet our new partner: SpacesShared!  We’re happy to announce that CNA has teamed up with SpacesShared in a game-changing partnership aimed at making your student housing hunt a breeze!
 Here’s the scoop:
SpacesShared is an innovative online service that’s all about connecting students in need of a cozy corner to study and sleep with our lovely local seniors who have spare rooms ready to welcome you. It’s a win-win – affordable spaces for you and some wonderful company for them!
 Why is this a big deal?
With the tricky housing market and soaring rents, SpacesShared is zipping into Newfoundland and Labrador, joining our quest to ensure YOU have a fantastic place to call your own during your educational journey.
 Embrace the Benefits:
– AFFORDABLE digs in a friendly home – MEANINGFUL connections with the community
– YOUR peace of mind: secure and vetted housing
 Looking for a room? Want to list your space? It’s easy – just hop on SpacesShared’s website, and let’s make magic happen together! Read more at