Recreation Complex
Willoughby Playground
Claude Garland Memorial Playground and Dog Park (O’Driscoll’s Lane)
Crocker’s Cove Playground (Water Street, East End)
Soper Avenue Playground
Quinn’s Place (Remembrance Loop)

George W. Earle Promenade

A beautiful promenade set in the center of the Town of Carbonear and surrounding two ponds.

Access: : Access this trail from the parking lot of the Conception Bay Regional Community Centre
Length: 974 metre

Nell’s Walking Trail

Nell’s Walking Trail starts from Pondside Road and runs currently to Columbus Drive. The route is 2.1 KM and runs alongside Rossiter’s Pond.

Access: : Access this trail from the Boardwalk
Length: 2.1 km walk

Nell’s Walking Trail Map PDF:  Nell Finn`s Trail Map

Southside Rail Bed Trail

This trail, consists of part of a trail that was once used as a railway.  The trail can start at the Railway Station Museum and pass on a boardwalk past Carbonear Pond.  Crossing to Southside, the trail follows the railway to Bristol’s Hope.

Part of this trail is mixed use. On your travels, you may encounter cyclists or  motorized vehicles.  We ask users to follow the yield rules for trails.

Access: : Access this trail from the Boardwalk to Southside and follow the railway trail.
Length: Approximately 5 km walk

South Side Rail Bed Trail Map