The Town of Carbonear Council meets the second and fourth Tuesday of each month from September until June.  July and August meetings are at the call of the Chair (Mayor)

Information on Standing Committees can be found below as well.

The Town of Carbonear Council:

Standing Committees and their terms of reference are very important to the timely moving of initiatives and operation of the Town.  A Standing Committee is a consultative body that provides direction on policy development and provides recommendations for Council’s consideration.  The decisions of all committees are subject to approval by Council.

Standing Committees:

Economic Development, Planning and Land Use Development  (Meet the Thursday before a Council Meeting)
Chair: Councillor Danielle Doyle
Member: Councillor Peter Snow

Public Works, Waste Management and Community Services (Meet the Wednesday after a Council Meeting)
Chair: Deputy Mayor Sam Slade
Member: Councillor Malcolm Seymour

Recreation, Special Events, Culture and Tourism (Meet the following Tuesday after a Council Meeting)
Chair: Councillor Malcolm Seymour
Member: Councillor Ray Noel

Administration and Finance  (Meet the Thursday following a Regular Council Meeting (in the same week) )
Chair: Councillor Chris O’Grady
Member: Councillor Peter Snow

External Liaison Committees:

Carbonear Harbour Authority: Councillor Ray Noel
Carbonear Heritage Society: Deputy Mayor Sam Slade
Carbonear Recreation Commission: Councillor Danielle Doyle
Carbonear Special Events Committee: Councillor Danielle Doyle
Conception Bay North Joint Council: Mayor Frank Butt and Councillor Chris O’Grady
Princess Sheila NaGeira Theatre Board: Councillor Chris O’Grady
Urban Municipalities Committee of MNL: Mayor Frank Butt (Alternate: Deputy Mayor Sam Slade)