On Tuesday, June 21, 2023 the Town of Carbonear hosted their Strategic Plan Presentation.

Physical copies can be picked up at the Town Office from Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Electronic PDF can be found here: Town of Carbonear Strategic Plan


Measurement & Progress Reporting

The Town of Carbonear is committed to the successful implementation of the goals, priorities and objectives identified in this Strategic Plan.

The Town of Carbonear will undertake the following to measure the progress of the plan and achieve transparency and communication with stakeholders.

  • Agenda item on regular Standing Committee Meetings: As each goal has been placed under a Standing Committee, the strategic plan, its objectives and initiatives will be regularly discussed on the agenda at each Committee Meeting.
  • Quarterly updates to stakeholders as part of regular slate of Council Meetings: The Town will provide regular quarterly updates on the progress of the plan with highlights of completed objectives.
  • Annual Strategic Plan Review (public): A Council Meeting will be held once a year to provide a formal update from Department Heads on the progress of the priorities and completion of objectives/initiatives. As well, any changes or amendments to the plan will be reviewed.
  • Municipal Website Updated: Each of these items will be promoted and copies provided on the website for stakeholders to access anytime.
What is a Strategic Plan and why is it important?

Strategic plans are living documents that establish the direction of the organization. A successful strategic plan guides and shapes change in an identified timeline by setting clear expectations and measures.

Will a strategic plan be another document to sit on a shelf or folder on a computer?

No.  Strategic plans are living documents for organizations.
A strategic plan that represents input from stakeholders should also include a well-defined, step by step document that is achievable and utilizes the resources, staff, and support of stakeholders.


What we heard…..

Town of Carbonear Strategic Plan Engagement Process What we heard