Rat Prevention and Control

Whether you own property or rent, live or work in the Town of Carbonear, everyone has a role in rat prevention. Rat proofing your home and property is the most important factor to prevent and control these pests.  Pest control on private property is the responsibility of the homeowner.


Rats are pests that are found year round. They live outdoors and then migrate inside when cool weather approaches. They are found around buildings, in gardens and near garbage or composters.

Rats are nocturnal animals, meaning that they are most active at night. If food and water are scarce, or if large infestations occur, rats will become active during the day.

Rats nest in any safe location where food and water are available, such as under wood piles, in abandoned vehicles, between walls or under floors in garages or sheds. Outdoors, they will burrow into the ground close to their food source.

Rats are mature three months after birth and have a gestation period of 22 days. Four litters are common per year, and each litter will contain eight to twelve young. The average lifespan of a rat is one year.

What residents and business can do to ensure rodent and pest control on private property:

• Store garbage in rodent-proof containers with tight-fitting lids.
• Make sure yard is clear of junk and debris. Reduce clutter to prevent hiding spots (wood piles, old tires, etc.).
• Eliminate all sources of food (fallen fruit, rotten vegetables, pet food left outdoors, grass seed, etc.).
• Pet owners should feed dogs and cats only what they will eat and then remove the food and any spillage.
• Store pet, wildlife food and lawn seed in an area not accessible to rats or in rodent-proof containers.
• Compost properly – do not add fish or meat to backyard compost bins
• Fix any leaky taps or drains, and eliminate any water accumulating in your yard
• Secure composters to prevent rodents from entering.
• Keep areas around bird feeders and bird baths clean.
• Cut tall grass around the house
• Residents should seek private pest control services in case of rat infestation.

The most successful and permanent form of rat control is to make it impossible for rats to gain entrance into any area or structure where they are not wanted. If rats can be denied access to hiding places and food they can not survive.

Pest Control Responsibilities:

Pest control on private property is the responsibility of the homeowner.
If you require professional services you may wish to contact a licensed pest control company. Visit the yellow pages or Canada411.ca for local pest control service providers.

Eliminate Rats:

Forms of eradication include:
• Traps
• Glue boards
• Rodenticides
• Fumigation
• Ultra sonic devices

All rodenticides are potentially dangerous enough to cause death to animals other than rodents, so be sure to place them where they are inaccessible to children, pets, livestock and wildlife.

To obtain information on provincial legislation as it relates to rodenticides contact:
Department of Environment & Lands
Pollution Prevention Division
Pesticides Control Section
Phone: (709) 729-3395


For more  information and tips on how to help prevent and control rodent infestation please visit the Government of Canada website.