The Town of Carbonear established an emergency management plan that consists of organized programs and activities taken to deal with actual or potential emergencies or disasters.

Emergency preparedness starts at home.  Personal preparedness is essential.  Residents and business can help by making sure they are prepared for the first 72 hours of an emergency/disaster.


Knowing the risks in the region and province you live can help you better prepare.
In Newfoundland, we face many hazards, from floods and wildfires to blizzards and storm surges.    In addition to natural disasters there are other types of risks. There are pandemics, power outages, industrial accidents and major transportation accidents.

A listing of regional hazards for the province can be found here: Newfoundland and Labrador Regional Hazards


Plan to be ready.  It will take about 20 minutes to make a plan for you and your family.  Remember, you family may not be together when an emergency occurs.  Ensure all family members know where to locate the emergency plan and kits.  Ensure your family plan on how to meet or how to contact one another.

It’s important to have a plan in case you are told to stay inside or to leave quickly.
Prepare for 72 hours.   Plan to have enough food, water and other essential supplies for at least 72 hours.
Be sure to include extra items like important papers, medication and equipment for seniors, children, pets and anyone with special needs.

Emergency Preparedness Plan

Make an emergency kit

Make a kit, or several kits, of basic items you will need in an emergency for at least 72 hours.
For more information on what to include in an emergency kit:
Emergency Kit


To learn more about emergency preparedness, visit

  • Environment Canada Weather Office
    1-900-565-4455; a $2.99 per-minute charge applies Check the blue pages in your local phonebook under Weather for weather reports and forecasting available by phone.
  • Emergency Services Division Department of Justice & Public Safety Government of Newfoundland & Labrador
    Telephone (709) 729-3703