Thank you!

Thank you!
Re: Water Shut Off – Thursday, September 7

The Town would like to thank residents for their patience during the water main upgrade that took place on Thursday, September 7 into the early morning of Friday, September 8. It is very inconvenient to be without water service, but unfortunately, to complete this upgrade, there was no other alternative. Upgrades to the infrastructure, though inconvenient, improves water quality and reduces the need for shutdowns due to older infrastructure in the future.

The Town would like to thank the contractor who started this work early morning on Thursday, and worked into Friday morning to complete this upgrade.

The Town would also like to thank its staff who started to turn on the water at 1 a.m. after upgrades were completed and stayed on until 8 a.m. this morning to restore water to the Town so
residents and businesses had water restored for this morning.

Again, thank you to all involved!