BUDGET 2021 – Carbonear Council Decreases Property Tax Rates

December 10, 2020

BUDGET 2021 – Carbonear Council Decreases Property Tax Rates
PDF Document Found here: Town of Carbonear Budget Press Release 2021

At a Special Meeting of the Town Council of Carbonear held on Thursday, December 10, the 2021 Budget was presented by Finance Committee Chair, Chris O’Grady. Deputy Mayor O’Grady stated that “This is the first budget in the history of the Town presented remotely due to the imposed restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic”. “This budget is based on our mandate to provide quality services to our residents and business; providing for growth and development while demonstrating practical and prudent management.”

While delivering the details of the budget, he took the opportunity to recognize the invaluable service provided by town staff and the volunteers, including the volunteer fire department.

The balanced 2021 budget totals $8,576,020. Due to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, some work and expenditures were put on hold resulting in a surplus of funds in 2020. With this surplus being carried forward to 2021 combined with the increase in property assessments, the council has decided to implement a decrease in property tax rates for 2021. Residential property tax will decrease from 6.9 mills to 6.75 mills and commercial property tax will decrease from 9.25 mills to 9 mills.

The largest expenditure is in Transportation Services with a projected expenditure of $2,735,297. The condition of the Town’s roads continues to be the top priority of residents. This budget includes operating expenditure amounts for asphalt of $920,000 and $60,000 for curb and sidewalks and replacement equipment. In excess of $5 M has been submitted in MCW applications with applicable funds budgeted for the towns share of funding in anticipation of approval.

The total budget for recreational facilities and cultural services is $1,152,668. Additional funds for further repairs have been provided to supplement the work at the pool facility in 2020. Funds have been allocated for softball huts, scoreboards and other maintenance in hopes of the 2020 U19 Softball Nationals being hosted at the recreation complex in 2021. Other upgrades are planned to the playground and basketball court at the recreation complex. Funds have been allocated for the Town’s share of the expansion to the Princess Sheila NaGeira Theatre.

The budget for Environmental Health is $746,189. Residents are encouraged to continue to participate in the curbside recycling and use the leaf and grass clippings composting site to reduce costs and environmental impacts.

Funds continue to be allocated for a future sewage treatment facility which will be required to comply with the Federal Wastewater Effluent Regulations.

The total budget for Fire Protection is $106,250. Additional funds have been allocated to replace all of the self-contained breathing apparatus at an estimated cost of $120,000. The town has also allocated funds for the new fire pumper expected to arrive in early 2021.

Funds have been allocated for the next phase of the Downtown Revitalization Project. Council and staff will continue to investigate ways to attract more businesses and has allocated $244,843 in Planning and Development. There was a total of 509 development permits issues in 2020 with an estimated development value of $3.9 M.

The Town continues to offer an interest adjustment to assist residents whose combined family income is below $50,000.

The Council is committed to maintaining growth and development for the Town of Carbonear and providing the many amenities and services our residents deserve. The Town of Carbonear is truly a wonderful place to live, work and play. We look forward to the year ahead.

Mayor Butt expressed that this was a good budget for the town and was pleased that Council could provide a reduction in property taxes in 2021 for its residents and corporate citizens. He thanked the committee for their efforts in preparing the 2021 budget.


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