Did you know?……

It’s lovely weather for ducks today 🦆🦆🦆🦆

Did you know?……

Bread has no nutritional value to ducks. In fact, bread can be referred to as junk food for ducks. Ducks may find it tasty, but there is no nutritional benefit for them. They fill up on bread instead of other foods that would be more beneficial to them.

Feeding bread to ducks can also cause ducklings to rely on being supplied the junk food instead of learning how to forage for healthy food themselves.

Finally, bread that isn’t eaten by ducks can also grow into mold and contribute to growth of cyanobacteria and harmful algal blooms.

Healthy options to feed ducks include:
half cut seedless grapes, birdseed, peas, corn, chopped lettuce, oats and cooked rice.