Updates from the Eastern Waste Management Board

The Eastern Waste Management Board has posted updates regarding both bulk garbage collection and the waste recovery facility in Harbour Grace during the COVID-19 pandemic. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Eastern Regional Service Board is taking measures to proactively help prevent the spread of the virus. Following advice from public health officials, they are enacting solutions for their contractors to increase social distancing.

Those measures that affect residents of Carbonear are:

Bulk Collection is cancelled until further notice.

The Harbour Grace Waste Recovery facility is closed until further notice.

We understand that with the nicer weather that residents are cleaning up their property and we ask that you do not place bulk items out on the side of the road. Please store at the back of your property until bulk garbage collection goes ahead.

We will continue to share Eastern Waste Management Board updates on all our social media accounts and website.

To view updates from the Eastern Waste Management Board, please folllow this link: